The Danish Film Studio

There is a special magical atmosphere at the Danish Film Studio and its enchanting settings where many of our Danish film classics have been shot. With its unique location in the midst of nature and yet close to Copenhagen, the place is ideal for various gatherings and meetings or gala parties with red carpet entry.

Films and commercials are still shot throughout the year, but outside shooting days we can set up completely customized solutions for your specific needs.

In connection with events in the Danish Film Studio, we offer a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Our professional film crew are ready to assist you with the shooting of your own "commercial".


Blomstervænget 52
2800, Kgs. Lyngby

  • Plenum - 2
  • Group rooms - 5
  • Plenum max number of people - 250
  • Spisende max number of people - 250
  • Free parking 
  • Technique as needed
  • Close to the city - right behind Lyngby station