Summer Party

Summer parties are a widespread tradition in both large and small companies. Therefore we have great experience running summer parties of all kinds. Some have a desire for a peaceful, nice and informal picnic event in green surroundings, whereas others have a tradition of a day at full speed, a lot of amusing and entertaining activities. Yet others have an expectation of something stylish, sober and with matching entertainment.

We know the best locations, whether your party will be outdoors or indoors. We can arrange competitions and activities for a few hours - or for the whole day. We know all about how to add style to an event - and what type of entertainment that fits the event.

Whatever type of summer party, you would like - challenge us. Although we have a lot of experience and ideas from past events, we would love to take on a whole new challenge.


Summer / October Party

With a view over Øresund, KAB’s quests were invited to a summer party at Docken. The theme for the day was October Party, so when Marienlund's staff greeted the guests, they were dressed in Lederhosen and Tyrolean hats. Docken was beautifully decorated, and the bar served German Weissbier in large beer mugs. After some entertaining hours with activities such as fencing, darts, force test, Robin Hood, airbrush, beer tasting and "hit the nail on the head", the guests were invited into the large room where the October party was finally set going. To a genuine Bavarian October decoration belong a true Bavarian menu and a 10-man band. Eventually, the guests left Docken in a glow of torches where the buses were ready to drive them home.

Marienlund was responsible for all aspects of the event, decorations, activities, catering, all equipments and transportation. And of course, we had a final evaluation of the event in cooperation with the responsible person from the company.