product presentations

Product Presentations

Product launches involve great demands on creativity.

Most companies would like to introduce a new product in a spectacular and sensational way. The very best way of presenting a product is to display and demonstrate it – preferably with pompous means and putting every ounce of energy into the launch instead of just talking about the excellence of the product. It's all about storytelling.

The target audience are often connoisseurs who are hard to impress as they have experienced a little of everything - . Nevertheless, they should at least have an aha-experience.

But do not worry. We have almost built entire cities, invented new games and made cars fly - so do not be afraid to ask for special features. We will gladly give an estimate on your next launch.

And of course, we will work in close cooperation with your own marketing department, so that we ensure that all parameters interact.


Product Presentations

Terminalen - a car dealer in Birkerød - wanted to present Land Rover's new exclusive model, Vogue, to their customers and in a spectacular fashion. It was natural to assign this event to Klampenborg Galopbane (Copenhagen Racecourse), since it is a location where the theme is all about horsepower, and where there is plenty of space for a car show..

On the arrival of the guests the staff of Marienlund offered to park their cars so that they could inspect and admire the beautiful car models instead.

The event lasted for 5 hours, and when the last guests left the racecourse, Terminalen, could look back on an event which had welcomed the invited guests with delicious sushi dishes, red wine tasting, presentation of expensive jewelry, furs, fast cars - and not least -an exclusive product presentation that was out of the ordinary.

Marienlund was responsible for all aspects of the event - presentation of ideas, decoration, catering, lighting and other technical equipment. And of course, a final evaluation of the event in cooperation with the responsible person of the company.