Probably, we all have a preconceived idea of how a conference usually passes off. However, there should never be a standard or template for such an arrangement.

Marienlund will always ensure that any conference will be customized so that both the company and the participants will be left with an experience of professionalism.                                       

A conference is not a show. Usually, a conference has an aim of conveying a qualified output for the participants to carry with them. Small but important details such as location, entertainment during breaks and creative challenges along the way can all contribute to an output at a higher level and a better overall experience. We are quite aware of how important it is for a company to leave a good impression on the participants of a conference. Let us make sure that it is a positive and memorable one.                                                                                                               

The division of labour is simple. You provide the professional input – we will see to the rest.



A three-day conference in Copenhagen with guests from around the world - combined with meetings, activities, tours and great gala dinners.

The conference itself was held at the Marriott Hotel where all participants could join plenary sessions, but were also able to split into smaller group rooms when this was needed.

In between meetings, lectures and presentations, participants had the opportunity to participate in amusing and alternative tours. Among many other features the participants had a special evening being sailed away from the hotel to Christiansborg. Here began an evening with a concert at Christiansborg Slotskirke (church) followed by a champagne tour of Christiansborg - including, among other things, the famous tapestries. After this, the trip continued to the beautiful Exchange building where a lavish gala dinner was served and the subsequent party took place.

Marienlund performed all tasks in connection with the conference. These included picking up guest at the airport, accommodation, guided tours, private wishes, on-going changes, performing ballots, coordination of various meetings, dinners and entertainment. And of course, a final evaluation in cooperation with the responsible person from the company.