Throughout the year we organize events for many of Denmark's large and small companies. And although each event is unique and thus differs from other events in one way or another, there are still elements that can be successfully transferred from one event to another.


Here we present a small selection of events that we have executed with great success - all with diverse themes. Therefore, they can serve as inspiration for your upcoming event - or as evidence of our satisfied customers.


Summer / October Party

With a view over Øresund, KAB’s quests were invited to a summer party at Docken. The theme for the day was October Party, so when Marienlund's staff greeted the guests, they were dressed in Lederhosen and Tyrolean hats. Docken was beautifully decorated, and the bar served German Weissbier in large beer mugs. After some entertaining hours with activities such as fencing, darts, force test, Robin Hood, airbrush, beer tasting and "hit the nail on the head", the guests were invited into the large room where the October party was finally set going. To a genuine Bavarian October decoration belong a true Bavarian menu and a 10-man band. Eventually, the guests left Docken in a glow of torches where the buses were ready to drive them home.

Marienlund was responsible for all aspects of the event, decorations, activities, catering, all equipments and transportation. And of course, we had a final evaluation of the event in cooperation with the responsible person from the company.


Product Presentations

Terminalen - a car dealer in Birkerød - wanted to present Land Rover's new exclusive model, Vogue, to their customers and in a spectacular fashion. It was natural to assign this event to Klampenborg Galopbane (Copenhagen Racecourse), since it is a location where the theme is all about horsepower, and where there is plenty of space for a car show..

On the arrival of the guests the staff of Marienlund offered to park their cars so that they could inspect and admire the beautiful car models instead.

The event lasted for 5 hours, and when the last guests left the racecourse, Terminalen, could look back on an event which had welcomed the invited guests with delicious sushi dishes, red wine tasting, presentation of expensive jewelry, furs, fast cars - and not least -an exclusive product presentation that was out of the ordinary.

Marienlund was responsible for all aspects of the event - presentation of ideas, decoration, catering, lighting and other technical equipment. And of course, a final evaluation of the event in cooperation with the responsible person of the company.


Christmas Party 

The spirit was high when Coloplast had invited their employees to the Christmas party in their own domicile. The theme was "American Christmas", and Coloplast's own multi-purpose hall, which is normally used for sports and games, was transformed into a true Christmas tale with Christmas trees hanging down from the ceiling, red Christmas bows and snow on the tables. The eight meters tall Christmas tree was obviously decorated by the book including gifts under the tree. 

The Christmas party began by throwing the employees into amusing Christmas activities, including virtual skiing and rodeo-riding Rudolf. Subsequently, everybody was invited to the dinner table where a beautiful, classic Christmas buffet was served. During dinner they were entertained by the toastmaster of the evening, by a great dance show and an employee revue. After dinner the dance floor was crowded as usual, and in the bars, which on this occasion had been transformed into elegant ice-bars with roller-skating Budweiser girls.

Marienlund was responsible for all aspects of the event - decorations, activities, catering, all equipment and the person  taking the part of toastmaster. And of course, a final evaluation of the event in cooperation with the responsible person from the company.



A three-day conference in Copenhagen with guests from around the world - combined with meetings, activities, tours and great gala dinners.

The conference itself was held at the Marriott Hotel where all participants could join plenary sessions, but were also able to split into smaller group rooms when this was needed.

In between meetings, lectures and presentations, participants had the opportunity to participate in amusing and alternative tours. Among many other features the participants had a special evening being sailed away from the hotel to Christiansborg. Here began an evening with a concert at Christiansborg Slotskirke (church) followed by a champagne tour of Christiansborg - including, among other things, the famous tapestries. After this, the trip continued to the beautiful Exchange building where a lavish gala dinner was served and the subsequent party took place.

Marienlund performed all tasks in connection with the conference. These included picking up guest at the airport, accommodation, guided tours, private wishes, on-going changes, performing ballots, coordination of various meetings, dinners and entertainment. And of course, a final evaluation in cooperation with the responsible person from the company.

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General Assembly 

The Participants arrived at Klampenborg station where they were picked up in horse-drawn carriages and transported to the Eremitage castle in Dyrehaven where delicious snacks and refreshments were ready for them. After an exciting tale of the history of the Eremitage castle, they continued in horse carriages to the former hunting lodge, Hegnslund, where a table welcomed the guests with a delicious lunch in the beautiful green surroundings. After the completion of the General Assembly they were offered beer, wine and water. After this the participants were given a alternative introduction to the concept of "leadership and cooperation" by a dog handler and her dogs. The event ended with some pleasant and sociable activities such as driving Segways, axe-throwing and archery.

Marienlund was responsible for all aspects of the event - transportation, guiding, catering, and activities. And of course, a final evaluation of the event in cooperation with the responsible person from the company.

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