“Yonder by the turn of the road – lies a pretty, old abode”.

Hans Christian Andersen wrote the lyrics to this beautiful song in 1829 without knowing that years later these words came to fit perfectly to the beautiful house in Jægersborg Dyrehave.

This old country house is situated a stone's throw from Strandvejen, beautifully secluded. It was built in 1914 by Frederik Hegel, the then Gyldendal managing director. He built the black wooden house with Irish and British inspiration for Kathleen Hegel, his Irish-born wife, so that she wouldn’t feel homesick.

Peace and quiet and idyllic beauty are the hallmarks of this location which is best suited for smaller events such as receptions, meetings and summer parties.

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Strandvejen 859
2930, Klampenborg

  • Plenum - 1
  • Group rooms - 7
  • Plenum max number of people - 70
  • Dinner party max number of people - 70
  • Free parking
  • Large green garden area