We know all the good and attractive places in Denmark.  Also the ones that you would probably never have thought about.  

Just tell us a little about the theme and purpose of your event and we will present you with a list of locations that will be best suited for your event.        


And if you want to have the event at your own domicile, it's no problem. Then we will move in and ensures that everything will function perfectly.

Some of our locations are in such demand and suitable for many different types of events that we have actually taken on leasing these places. Accordingly, these locations get a special presentation below.

Whatever type of event you need help with, some locations will always be better suited than others. Be inspired here.

A lot of successful Danish film classics have been created here. And there is room for many more magical moments in the various rooms.

The Tobacco Factory

It has been a long time since the last cigarette was rolled here. But you can still feel the history on these premises in Søborg.

Læs mere

This is our old hunting lodge in beautiful and idyllic surroundings. There is no room for large groups, but groups up till 70 people will have a great experience.

Not only Hans Christian Andersen sought tranquility and inspiration here - even modern people lose their hearts to Glorup estate.