Every event is unique and we will ensure that your event will run 100% on schedule without problems and that it will be an event full of good memories for all participants.


However, there are often common denominators for various events which make it expedient to group them into the categories below. If your event should fall outside these categories, please do not hesitate to call us. We customize the events to suit your wants and needs.


Family Days are events that often involve both children and adults. Informal and friendly atmosphere and activities for all participants characterize these family days.

There can be many reasons for throwing a company party. Whether it is a Christmas party, a summer picnic or an anniversary, we've got lots of ideas, themes and concepts.

It doesn’t take much to make a conference stand out and become both a rewarding and memorable event. Let us help you with the small details that will make all the difference.

There are many approaches to a summer party. What about a nice picnic event, a day marked by amusing activities or a stylish gala party?                                              

If you need to create awareness of a new product, it often requires a creative launch. We have unveiled many new products over time.

Activity days are often about framing close-knit groups or solidly constructed organizations. One way of doing so could very well be an event of competitive, amusing and informal activities.