Expertise comes with experience. After more than 20 years in this industry we promise that we have tried just about everything. We have conducted complex events with thousands of participants at various locations and with many agendas over several days.



We do not consider our constant focus on details as a separate competence - it is part of our DNA. It requires strong skills in several areas to run successful events.


Banqueting hall or scout hut - downtown or outside in nature - large and flashy or small and intimate? We know all the desirable locations of this country and we have a close professional relationship with most of them. We are even tenants on some of them. Once we know the idea behind your event, we can quickly advise you and suggest the optimal setting for your event.


We have our own highly professional staff. As to servants, instructors, or other service personnel we provide staff with great experience, a well-developed sense of situation and a fresh attitude. They are accustomed to dealing with every kind of event - and they are there to serve your needs.


It is an art in itself to compose a delicious menu with the right wines. We hardly need to argue for the importance of delivering first-rate catering – you do not want to fail here. If you are comfortable with putting together a menu yourself, you can, of course, do so without our help - but if you're not, then you can entrust us with the creation of the culinary experience.


We have suggestions of activity for all types of events. Our warehouse is full of robust ‘toys’ and original props, and our catalogue continuous to expand. Would you, for example, find it exciting with a helicopter flight in your program - or what about clay pigeon shooting, or wine tasting - or maybe just a game of rounders? All activities are headed by professional instructors, ensuring that safety as well as entertainment values are high.


Whether you want entertainment including music, dance, theatre or comedy, we have all the ideas and connections. Just tell us what you envisage - and we will present you with your options. Also the less obvious ones. We believe that entertainment adds spice to an event - it leaves the guests with a happy and positive after-taste. And if you have special requests as to the implementation of your event, we will of course incorporate them.    


Technology should never be tricky during your event. This always causes an uncomfortable and inconvenient interruption in any event. For that reason we have our own specialists at Marienlund who are responsible for lighting, sound and microphones, and we make sure that any technology, big or small, works to your satisfaction, so you need not worry about this!


Our decorators can do more than just conjuring up beautiful flower arrangements. Nothing is too big or small for our creative wizards and witches. In their hands a raw warehouse is easily transformed into an atmosphere oozing of Moulin Rouge - or the staff will change clothes within a split second from stylish rococo servants into hot Las Vegas girls. Never underestimate the importance of visual impression!


We cannot offer sending you a complete price list. All events are unique. Our final quotation states a total price for the entire job - a price we vouch for from the moment when the quotation has been accepted by you. No one likes unexpected extra costs – so you will not receive any from us. We guarantee a manageable deal which is easy to understand and which describes the flow of the program and all elements related to your event.                                                                              

Graphic Design

Make your event a seamless experience by ensuring the graphic identity. Be sure to provide a general line throughout all the graphic material from the invitation via all communication to the program and place cards. We have talented graphic designers who can be in charge of this - and we will of course cooperate closely with your own marketing department.